Tapestry Of Passion (1976)

Alan B. Colberg (as Alan Colberg)


Leslie Bovee (as Leslie Bovée) [Facial]
Annette Haven
Desiree West (as Patricia Lee)
Sharon Thorpe

John Holmes (as John C. Holmes)
John Leslie (as John Leslie Dupre)
Mick Jones [NonSex]

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Sharon Thorpe, John Leslie
  • Scene 2. Sharon Thorpe
  • Scene 3. Lesllie Bovee, John Holmes
  • Scene 4. Annette Haven, John Holmes
  • Scene 5. Desiree West, John Holmes
  • Scene 6. Sharon Thorpe, John Holmes
  • Scene 7. Annette Haven, Lesllie Bovee, John Holmes

X-Caliber Awards, 1975
Winner: Best Supporting Actress, Sharon Thorpe

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