The Backdoor Club (1985)

The innermost recesses of human sexuality can be reached via a jar of soothing Vaseline at Munich’s notorious BACKDOOR CLUB. Danielle and Taija Rae get their eyes opened by Herschel Savage and Gabriel Pontello’s probe of passion-pumping pleasure. Assisted by two Teutonic tush temptresses, you’ll find it makes no difference if you use the back or front door of this unique establishment. Like a loose shutter in a storm, there’s always lots of banging going one!


Danielle [Facial]
Joanna Stevens [Anal DP]
Katja Eck [Anal]
Sandra Nova [Anal]
Taija Rae
Tracey Adams (as Tracy Adams)


Sascha Atzenbeck (as Alexander Titus)
Gabriel Pontello
Hershel Savage
Hans-Peter Kremser (as Jack Rogers)

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Joanna Stevens, Tracey Adams, Sascha Atzenbeck
Scene 2. Katja Eck, Hans-Peter Kremser
Scene 3. Danielle, Sandra Nova, Gabriel Pontello
Scene 4. Joanna Stevens, Taija Rae, Hershel Savage
Scene 5. Joanna Stevens, Gabriel Pontello, Hershel Savage
Scene 6. Danielle, Hans-Peter Kremser
Scene 7. Sandra Nova, Sascha Atzenbeck




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