The Defiance of Good (1975)


Jean Jennings plays a teenager who graduates with a minor in sex and then majors in bondage. Defiance is not unlike the Story of O, with high caliber scripting, fine lensing and torrid tactile tantrums. The heavy S&M is a dervish of devils brew, not for the squeamish or sensitive. Degradation is orchestrated to a fine tuned fork.
There is no aphrodisiac so potent as the Defiance of all that is good!


Day Jason [BJOnly]
Dulce Mann [NonSex]
Heather Ellis (as Ellen Hill) [BJOnly Facial]
Holly Landis [NonSex]
Jean Jennings [Facial IR]
Pam Sanders [BJOnly]
Sandy Fox (as Sandy Foxx) [BJOnly]


Alan Marlow
Alex Mann (as Alexander Life)
Harding Harrison (as David Harrison ) [NonSex]
Frank Baker [NonSex]
Fred J. Lincoln (as Fred Lincoln) [NonSex]
Hurant [NonSex]
Jack Conner
Jamie Gillis (as Jaime Gillis)
Jason Russell
Kevin Andre [NonSex]
Marc Stevens [NonSex]
Roderick Usher [NonSex]
Sonny Landham
Turk Turpin [NonSex]

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Sandy Fox, Jason Russell
Scene 2. Jean Jennings, Alan Marlow, black guy, Jason Russell
Scene 3. Heather Ellis, Jean Jennings, masked guy
Scene 4. Jean Jennings
Scene 5. Heather Ellis, Jean Jennings
Scene 6. Jean Jennings, Jamie Gillis, Sonny Landham
Scene 7. Heather Ellis, Jean Jennings, Pam Sanders, Alex Mann, Jack Conner, Jamie Gillis
Scene 8. Day Jason, Jean Jennings, guy
Scene 9. Day Jason, Jean Jennings




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