X-Rated Bloopers (1984)

Year: 1984
Country: United States
Genre: Classical
Length: 1:19:19

Directed by: Bobby Hollander

Top erotic film and video director Bobby Hollander has assembled some of the most hilarious, graphically erotic, and embarrassingly realistic moments that went into the making of his highly acclaimed Personal Touch series! It`s not just a blooper DVD, but an uninhibited and all-too-real peek into the making of a sexually explicit production. No serious collector, or fan of erotica, should be without this realistic-yet-humorous glimpse into the making of an erotic video.


Cody Nicole
Crystal Lovin [Anal Creampie]
Jahn Gold (as Jean Harlow)
Joanna Storm [BJOnly Facial]
Laurie Smith [NonSex]
Lynnz [NonSex]
Misty Dawn [MastOnly]
Pamela Mann
Sharon Mitchell
Shauna Grant [NonSex]


Blake Palmer
Bobby Hollander [NonSex]
Craig Roberts
Steve Douglas (as Doug Rossi)
Jesse Adams
Ron Jeremy
Tom Byron

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Sharon Mitchell, Blake Palmer
Scene 2. Jahn Gold, Ron Jeremy
Scene 3. Crystal Lovin, Jesse Adams
Scene 4. Cody Nicole, Craig Roberts
Scene 5. Pamela Mann, Steve Douglas
Scene 6. Misty Dawn, Ron Jeremy
Scene 7. Joanna Storm, Tom Byron
Scene 8. Joanna Storm




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