The Enchantress (1985)


Starring: Christy Canyon, Heather Wayne, Erica Boyer, Gina Carrera, Gina Valentino, Peter North, Tom Byron, Marc Wallice, Tony Martino, Dan Mann.

THE ENCHANTRESS is a savory story about a magical medallion, owned by beautiful Catherine (Heather Wayne). The medallion brings sexual happiness to anyone who is exposed to it!
Because of the romantic qualities of the medallion, Catherine is brought into different intimate situations, like the helping of the two young lovers Al and Missy. Catherine helps bring these two to their highest heights of ecstasy!
Missy is so fulfilled, she tells her friend Mandy of Catherine’s medallion. Soon a steamy lesbian love session is on. Still the power of the medallion and Catherine invoke more titillating adventures, Torrid threesomes, frothing foursomes and more take place as we follow the magic of the medallion and Catherine.



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  1. The box cover is for The Enchantress 1991 with Hyapatia Lee and not for The Enchantress 1985 with Christy Canyon

    The screenshot and cast listing seems to be for the correct 1985 movie.

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