The Hot Oven (1975)


The Hot Oven

Hot Oven is a vintage comedic adult film directed and produced by Carter Stevens. The star of the film is Eric Edwards who plays a guy who gets a job at a pizza parlor through his ex girlfriend. He takes a delivery job in which he asks for less pay on the condition he gets first crack at delivering to the local college coeds. Classic action that is hot hot hot!


Cedar Houston (as Cedar Jones)
Ginger Snaps (as Ginger Jones)
Rita Davis (as Rita Jones) [Facial]
Susan Sloan (as Suzette Jones)
Sherry Cass (as Terry Jones)
Unknown Female 2688


Carter Stevens [NonSex]
Jamie Gillis (as Jamie Smith)
Eric Edwards (as Ken Smith)
Leo Lovemore (as Leo Smith)
Max Packs (as Max Smith)
Ken Cass (as Tom Smith)

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. brun, Eric Edwards
Scene 2. Cedar Houston, Rita Davis, Jamie Gillis
Scene 3. Ginger Snaps, Eric Edwards
Scene 4. brun, Max Packs
Scene 5. Cedar Houston, Leo Lovemore
Scene 6. Rita Davis, Jamie Gillis
Scene 7. Susan Sloan, Eric Edwards
Scene 8. girl, Eric Edwards
Scene 9. Unknown Female 2688, Jamie Gillis, Max Packs
Scene 10. Susan Sloan, guy
Scene 11. Cedar Houston, Rita Davis, Leo Lovemore
Scene 12. Ginger Snaps, Eric Edwards
Scene 13. Sherry Cass, Ken Cass



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