Judgement Day (1978)

Year: 1978
Country: United States
Genre: Classic XXX, All-sex
Duration: 1 hour 19 minutes

Directed by: Jon Cutaia

Morning Star in the role of Angel Face (angelic face) (without sex)
Moira Benson as Mona Barton
Josie Farmer in the role of Sissy Prewitt
Mimi Riley in the role of Jane Gilmor
Clair James in the role of Laura Shmutz
Melba Peach as Betty Cannoli
Val Anderson in the role of Kitty Scagg
Lottie Daah & Madeline Mutzah in the role of angels (no sex)

P.J. Wingham as St. Peter (St. Peter) (no sex)
John Leslie as a William Gilmore
Turk Layan in the role of Carl Bryant III
T.J. Youngblood as Robert Maywood
John A. Seeman as Donald Cudahay
John Ruvolo in the role of Jack Cannoli
Lance Hemmy as Elgin Tweedy

Description: “Judgement Day” is the fascinating story of two star-crossed lovers Mona and Will. Tale in the manner of “Heaven Can Wait”, this spectacular film trades this sexy couple’s entry into the Pearly Gates, there they are met by four other guilty, seductive paradise-seekers. However, they are barred from entry, for to enter Heaven the true facts of each of their lives must be revealed. No details is omitted, no act, regardless of how bizarre, is kept from the eyes of the viewer. So degenerated are some of this acts that for of the six are banished forever to hell. But Will and Mona are returned to earth for a secon chance. How they use this opportunity provides a delightful and erotic ending to a most unusual motion picture.




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