The Passions of Carol (1975)

* Toni Scott (as Angela Dermer) [NonSex]
* Day Jason (as Daniela Di Orici)
* Kim Pope
* Mary Stuart (as Merrie Holiday)
* Susan Sloan (as Rose Cranston) [BJOnly]


* Alan Marlow (as Alan Barow) [BJOnly]
* Carter Stevens (as Alan Grodin) [NonSex]
* Arturo Millhouse [NonSex]
* Russ Carlson (as Helmuth Richler) [NonSex]
* Jamie Gillis
* Kevin Andre [NonSex]
* Marc Stevens
* Sonny Landham
* Ashley Moore (as Stuart Dickerson)

Scene Breakdowns

* Scene 1. Day Jason, Mary Stuart, Sonny Landham
* Scene 2. Marc Stevens, Mary Stuart
* Scene 3. Alan Marlow, Mary Stuart, Susan Sloan
* Scene 4. Jamie Gillis, Kim Pope
* Scene 5. Ashley Moore, Mary Stuart

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