Love Making U.S.A. (1971)

Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1971
Distributor: Something Weird Video
Director: Unknown

Starring: John Holmes, Casey Larrain, Anna Travers, Joseph F. Robertson, Edward D. Wood Jr.

Description: TExhibit B, Love Making U.S.A., isn’t just another porn film. No, no. It’s a “report made totally for the advancement of understanding and knowledge pertaining to love and its by-products in all forms.” Exactly. Of course, the only “by-product” here is semen starting with the prehistoric stag film, A Free Ride, “considered to be one of the very first sex films ever made,” in which two flappers pump semen in the sticks.
Then — surprise! — we watch the infamous Edward D. Wood Jr. take pictures of smut-star Casey Larrain! This segues into John Holmes getting a blowjob from a pretty wraith of a girl in a film that we’re told “could be entered in the Cannes Film Festival.” Absolutely!
We next visit the set of a porno movie (Tomatoes) where a giant orgy is in progress. A guy with a mike waddles around commenting and interviews Anna Travers, tied to a door. “Notice the dignity which prevails,” he says. You’ll also notice all the dicks in the gals’ mouths.
After that, we go “beyond the orgasm” to watch John Holmes jam two California surfer gals with that giant thing of his.
Peculiarly, we’re then taken to a west-coast “Gay-ln” where various lesbians and homos are interviewed, as well as a tough gay-basher who turns out to be wearing nylons and high heels and who also just happens to be producer/director Joseph F. (The Slime People) Robertson!
Ain’t porno fun. Two smutucational 8.5’s on the star-studded Pervo bonermeter.



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