Vacances a Ibiza (1982)

Alternate Titles

* Isabelle e Janette (Italy, Ribu)
* Junge nymphen auf Ibiza ?
* Kärlekslekar På Ibiza (1983)
* Die Nackten und die Reichen (Germany, Ribu DVD)

Director: Gerard Kikoine


* Anna Veruska plays Tina
* Brigitte Verbecq as Brigitte Verbek
* Christine Black as Christina Schwarz
* Elodie Delage, part of trio that Piotr meets on the beach
* Jutta Colpet
* Laurence Boutin, part of trio on beach
* Marie-Claude Moreau, part of trio on beach
* Marilyn Jess plays Isabell
* Monika Eggerstedt as Monika Egger
* XNK0429 blonde paired with Christine Black


* Piotr Stanislas, as Pjotr Slave, plays John Latimer
* Alban Ceray as Alban Roet
* Dominique St. Claire (Gil Lagardere) plays Isabell’s boyfriend
* Andre Chazel plays a bank manager
* Gilbert Servien plays a bank manager, non-sex
* Jacques Marbeuf plays a bank manager, non-sex
* Peter Kwapinski plays a motorcyclist
* Cyril Val plays a motorcyclist

Language: French, German

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