La fessee (1976)


Alternate Titles
La Fessée ou les mémoires de monsieur Léon maître-fesseur
Liebesrausch der Sexbesessenen – West Germany, Mike Hunter

Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert

Anne Sand plays La mère de Léon
Catherine Ringer as Yvette Lemercier, plays Marcelle
Corinne Lemoine as Doris Keene, plays Elisabeth, Léon’s girlfriend as a young man and later the widow Elisabeth
Danielle Altenburger plays Aurélia
Ellen Earl plays Simone
Emmanuelle Parèze plays Germaine
Emmanuelle Rivière Possibly is one of the nude dancers
Laurence Jarry uncredited, one of the dancers
Liliane Lemieuvre as Karen Allan, plays Francoise
Lucette Gill plays La vieille dame, very brief non-sex appearance
Maria Malone
Marie-Christine Chireix as Christine Chireix, plays L’aubergine
Martine Grimaud plays one of the nude dancers
XNK8052 one of the dancers


Antoine Fontaine plays Monsieur Léon
Massimo del Arte
Jacques Marbeuf plays Fred, Léon’s boss at the bank and the husband of Germaine
Michel Carin
Richard Lemieuvre as Richard Allan plays the man in the woods getting the blowjob from Elisabeth
Jean-Paul Siemenec
Charlie Schreiner plays Marcelle’s boyfriend (brief appearance)
Olivier Mathot plays Le directeur, the employer of Simone and Francoise

Language: French, English



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  1. Great film, helps to follow an old silesian proverb:
    To fill the cradle,
    save your money
    skip the doctor,
    spank your honey.

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