Body Talk (1982)


Director: Pedie Sweet


* Amber Rae [NonSex]
* Dee Havland [NonSex]
* Heaven St. John [Facial] as Angelique
* Katherine Gadwood [NonSex]
* Kay Parker
* Rhonda Adams [NonSex]
* Ruth Morrell [NonSex]
* Sally Lewis [NonSex]


* Billy Comes
* Billy Dee
* Michael Devon
* Mike Horner
* Morton Starbuck [NonSex]
* Randy West
* Rex Martin [NonSex]
* Steven Tyler

Scene Breakdown

* Scene 1. Kay Parker, Randy West
* Scene 2. Heaven St. John, Kay Parker
* Scene 3. Billy Dee, Heaven St. John, Steven Tyler
* Scene 4. Heaven St. John, Mike Horner
* Scene 5. Billy Comes, Heaven St. John
* Scene 6. Heaven St. John, Steven Tyler
* Scene 7. Kay Parker, Randy West
* Scene 8. Heaven St. John, Steven Tyler

Parental disapproval is the biggest obstacle facing Cassie and Mark. Although they are gloriously and deeply in love, Mark’s parents are set on ending the romance.
When Cassie soon discovers she has a terminal illness, she decides that Mark’s leaving is for the best. Elated, Mark’s parents send him to Europe to study – and to forget Cassie.
When Mark’s parents find out the real reason Cassie let Mark go, they are ashamed of their interference. Mark is soon reunited with Cassie in an emotional moment that now has the blessing of his parents.”



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