Bubble Gum (1983)


Carla’s (Honey Wilder) daughter is hopelessly in love with whom we discover is Carla’s lover’s son, Sammy (Mark Goldberg). What? Confused already? You should have seen the director. What we soon find out is that Carla’s daughter (Tina Ross) may not be Carla’s husband’s daughter; in fact, Paula is the daughter of Carla’s lover Sid. Carla’s husband John (Eric Edwards) is suspicious and has hired a private dick, who discovers the obvious and informs his client. A confrontation occurs (as it well should) and John informs Paula that she and Sammy are siblings. “Seems so,” exclaims Bubblegum (Candy Cummings) who has discovered John’s incestuous desires for who we now know is not his daughter. If this is not enough, there’s a twist at the end that may cause whiplash. Caution is advised!

Bubble Gum (1983)

Also Known As
The Siblings


Candy Cummings
Honey Wilder
Kelly Grant (as Kelley Grant)
Laurien Wilde (as Tina Ross)


Blair Harris
Eric Edwards
Marc Wallice (as Mark Goldberg)
Ray Wells (as Stu Greenwald)

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Honey Wilder, Kelly Grant
Scene 2. Honey Wilder, Ray Wells
Scene 3. Laurien Wilde, Marc Wallice
Scene 4. Candy Cummings
Scene 5. Candy Cummings, Eric Edwards
Scene 6. Kelly Grant, Blair Harris
Scene 7. Laurien Wilde, Marc Wallice





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