Aphrodesia’s Diary (1983)


Dominique Saint Claire (as Arlene Manhattan)
Betty Sinclair
Cathy Menard
Desiree Cousteau
Joanna Storm
Lisa Cintrice
Morgane (as Marianne Flowers)
Patricia Bouvier
Vanessa del Rio


Alan Adrian
George Payne
Kevin James
Ron Jeremy

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Cathy Menard, guy
Scene 2. Dominique Saint Claire, Kevin James
Scene 3. Dominique Saint Claire, Ron Jeremy
Scene 4. Lisa Cintrice, Kevin James
Scene 5. Dominique Saint Claire, Joanna Storm, Alan Adrian
Scene 6. Desiree Cousteau, Morgane
Scene 7. Morgane, Vanessa del Rio, George Payne
Scene 8. Dominique Saint Claire, Vanessa del Rio
Scene 9. Dominique Saint Claire, guy

It was at a very early age that Adrienne first realized that she could excite men. From that day forward, she kept her most intimate thoughts and salacious experiences in a locked diary. Now, after many years and many lovers, she’s opening that diary just for you!





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