Diversions (1976)


Also known as
Gefangenen Express (Germany)
Sex Express (softcore UK)

Director: Derek Ford

* Heather Deeley, plays Imogene
* Jacky Rigby, plays Brown [Anal]
* Gillian Sykes, plays a Parlour Maid
* Jeffrey Morgan, plays a Student
* Timothy Blackstone, plays the First Victim
* James Lister, plays the Vampire
* Tim Burr, plays the Caller
* Christopher Gilbert, plays the African Officer
* Terry Walsh, plays the Mercenary Officer [NonSex]
* Tony Kenyon, plays the Victorian Photographer
* Derek Martin, plays an Escort [NonSex]

* Scene 1. Heather Deeley, Jeffrey Morgan
* Scene 2. Heather Deeley, Timothy Blackstone
* Scene 3. Heather Deeley, James Lister
* Scene 4. Heather Deeley, Tim Burr
* Scene 5. Christopher Gilbert, Heather Deeley, Jacky Rigby
* Scene 6. Gillian Sykes, Heather Deeley, Tony Kenyon

Language: English

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