Esclaves Sexuelles sur Catalogue (1977)

Released: 1977
Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert as Burd Tranbarée
Notes: VHS 1 hr 23 mins, Blue One DVD (1 hr 2 mins) with Les Plaisirs fous and Soirée d’un Couple Voyeur

Alternate Titles:
L’Asta dell’amore Italy
Esclaves sexuelles sur catalogue video and later DVD title
Porno-Sklaven West Germany, Venus
Slave Girls Market

Amanda in dinner party scene
Brigitte Lahaie
Danièle Troeger plays Francoise
Doris Wessoly Odile
Elisabeth Buré ? (brunette)
Emmanuelle Parèze
Erika Cool plays Irma
Karine Gambier plays Julie
Liliane Lemieuvre as Liliane Allan
Maude Carolle as Aude le Cocq, plays Muriel
Sophie Bulle ?
Véronique Maugarski

Males :
Bernard Hug plays Charlie
Richard Lemieuvre
Jacques Marbeuf

Blonde Odile is a colleague of draughtsman Charlie and fucks briefly in his office. Charlie and girlfriend Francoise go to the house of Richard Lemieuvre to find him being tended to by Brigitte Lahaie and Karine Gambier – various sexual activity follows, swapping etc. He has hired these from a ‘slave auction’. Not satisfied with Karine, Richard returns her to the shop and he and Charlie view an auction of two brunettes and a blond and then Erika Cool as “Irma”. Francoise is auctioned off – but we don’t see her experiences. Elisabeth Buré seems to be one of the girls here, as a brunette. At yet another auction – which includes Karine – the curly blond is bought by Jacques Marbeuf. After a while Richard & Charlie decide to put themselves out to stud, and are purchased as a pair by rich Emmanuelle Paréze.



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