Esclaves Sexuelles sur Catalogue (1977)


Also Known As
Catalog Sex Slaves
Esclaves sexuelles sur catalogue (video and DVD re-release, Blue One)
Esclaves sexuelles sur catalogue [Blue One DVD]
L’asta dell’amore [Italy]
Porno-Sklaven [Venus, West Germany]
Sex-slavar [Sweden]
Slave Girls Market
Sarabande porno

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Brigitte Lahaie, Karine Gambier, Daniele Troeger, Bernard Hug, Charlie Schreiner, Richard Allan
  • Scene 2. Erika Cool, Bernard Hug
  • Scene 3. Erika Cool
  • Scene 4. Erika Cool, Daniele Troeger, Bernard Hug
  • Scene 5. Maude Carolle, Erika Cool, Daniele Troeger, Bernard Hug, Richard Allan
  • Scene 6. Doris Wessoly, Bernard Hug
  • Scene 7. Doris Wessoly, Jacques Marbeuf
  • Scene 8. Emmanuelle Pareze, Bernard Hug, Richard Allan
  • Scene 9. Amanda, Emmanuelle Pareze, Bernard Hug
  • Scene 10. Amanda, Emmanuelle Pareze, Liliane Lemieuvre, Veronique Maugarski, Bernard Hug, Richard Allan


  • The DVD re-release by Blue One as “Esclaves sexuelles sur catalogue” has a duration of only 62 minutes.
  • Scenes 10 starts out as an orgy, but quickly breaks up into three pairs: Bernard Hug and Emmanuelle Parèze; Richard Lemieuvre and Amanda; and Liliane Lemieuvre and Véronique Maugarski. Liliane Lemieuvre is not tagged as LezOnly because she gives both guys a quick handjob before the orgy breaks up into the three pairings.

Language: French



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