French Gigolo (1977)


Original Title

* Prouesses porno

Alternate Titles

* French Gigolo (Italy)
* Das fröhliche Männerbordell (Germany – Venus 1002) [credit: film1270]
* Hommes de joie pour femmes en chaleur
* Superfemmine in calore (Piu Video)

Released: 1977
Director: Claude-Bernard Aubert as Burd Tranbaree


* Amanda plays Tony’s boss and later a client
* Chantal Virapin plays a masseuse
* Daniele Troeger plays the maid
* Dolores Manta plays the madam
* Elisabeth Bure plays a masseuse
* Erika Cool plays Sandrine
* Evelyne Manta plays a photographer
* Karine Gambier plays the unsatisfied client
* Liliane Lemieuvre plays the neighbor
* Ursula White plays the first client
* Veronique Maugarski plays the client in pj’s


* Gabriel Coez plays Tony
* Richard Lemieuvre plays Paul
* Gabriel Pontello, briefly
* Charlie Schreiner seen only in a photograph

Scene 1 Ursula White, Gabriel Coez
Scene 2 Erika Cool, Gabriel Coez
Scene 3 Elisabeth Bure, Chantal Virapin, unknown blonde, Gabriel Coez
Scene 4 Evelyne Manta, Gabriel Coez
Scene 5 Erika Cool, Evelyne Manta, Gabriel Pontello
Scene 6 Daniele Troeger, Gabriel Coez
Scene 7 Dolores Manta, Gabriel Coez (brief)
Scene 8 Karine Gambier, Gabriel Coez
Scene 9 Amanda, Gabriel Coez
Scene 10 Gabriel Coez, Veronique Maugarski
Scene 11 Richard Lemieuvre, Veronique Maugarski
Scene 12 Erika Cool, Gabriel Coez
Scene 13 Erika Cool, Gabriel Coez, Lilliane Lemieuvre
Scene 14 Gaelle Siril, Gabriel Coez
Scene 15 Ursula White, Gabriel Coez
Scene 16 Daniele Troeger, Dolores Manta, Gabriel Coez, Richard Lemieuvre, Ursula White

The film opens with a 30-something brown-haired woman (Ursula White) approaching the door of a house, turning back and then summoning up the courage to go in. She looks as if she could be Erika Cool’s older sister, but does not have such a distinctive face. Daniele Troeger is the maid who takes her coat. She is introduced to a 30-something woman (large-ish, upturned nose, XNK0018) who runs the establishment and is shown a catalogue of men. One picture is of Richard Lemieuvre, but most are of Charlie Schreiner. She is then introduced to a near lookalike in the form of Gabriel Coez. He gives her a good time. We then see him giving a folder of documents to a mature blonde (Amanda) and asking her to sign them. Is she another client?
He then goes home and Liliane Lemieuvre passes him on the stairs – she must live in the apartment above. Then Erika Cool arrives and they have sex. It is unclear whether she is a client or an employee of the ‘other side’ of the establishment. I suggest the last because there is then an abrupt cut to a scene by an indoor pool where Coez is receiving a massage from Elisabeth Buré (in her brunette phase) and a black girl (XNK0019, non-sex), while a couple of other girls, one being Erika Cool, frolic in the pool.
Then, after an abrupt cut, we see Coez taking an oriental girl (could well be Eva Quang but at any rate XNK0032 if she is different) doggy fashion, which suddenly becomes Gabriel Pontello taking Erika Cool doggy fashion with the oriental girl taking pictures.
Erika comes along to hire Coez again and there is a foursome with those two, Daniele Troeger and the madam. Another abrupt cut sees Coez with client Karine Gambier. Client Veronique Maugarski is next and exhausts him so that he has to summon Richard Lemieuvre to take over. Then he takes on the cleaner – or a client whose fantasy it is to be taken while doing the cleaning. This is the fat, middle-aged, hatchet-nosed brunette in the scene in the woods in Apotheose Porno (Gaëlle Siril).



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