Ginger Does Em All (1987)

Cast: Krista Lane, Alicia Monet, Alexa Parks, Nina Hartley, Tom Byron, Joey Silvera, Jon Martin

Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Krista Lane, Joey Silvera
Scene 2. Alexa Parks, Krista Lane, Tom Byron
Scene 3. Alicia Monet, Nina Hartley
Scene 4. Alicia Monet, Tom Byron
Scene 5. Nina Hartley, Joey Silvera, Jon Martin
Scene 6. Alicia Monet, Nina Hartley, Tom Byron

Set in the atmosphere of gamblers, con artists, mobsters and bookmakers, a married couple (Tom Byron and Nina Hartley) are both in the rackets, each unbeknownst to the other. They have much more in common than they know: not only are their secret professions similar, they both have the same lover, Ginger (Alicia Monet). When they discover the other’s betrayal, the shocking ending will stun the viewer like a card shark’s ace in the hole.



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