Les Vices Caches D’ Eva Blue (1979)


Original Title

* Jouissances perverses

Alternate Titles

* 100 Ans de X (Canal Plus title)
* Les Jours et nuits d’Eva Blue
* Perversions secrètes (Alpha France, video reissue title)
* Les Vices caches d’Eva Blue (Blue One DVD)
* Jours et Nuits d’Eva Blue
* The Hidden Vices of Eva Blue
* Bored Games uncut American English release of Alpha France’s

Francis Leroy


* Jenny Feeling as Eva Paurey
* Lucie Doll, frizzy-haired redhead in orgy [anal DP]
* Maria Catala uncredited, petite brunette in orgy
* Mika Barthel as Mika, swimming pool scene [anal]
* Morgane as Marianne Fournier, office scene


* Andre Miller as Herve Amalou
* Claude Valmont
* Jean-Pierre Armand as Max Pardos
* Joel Charvier
* Michel de Nyokynos
* Pjotr Stanislas as Ivan Slave
* Victor Samana

Scene 1. Jenny Feeling, Victor Samana
Scene 2. Jenny Feeling, 2 guys in taxi
Scene 3. Andre Miller, Claude Valmont, Jenny Feeling, Morgane
Scene 4. Andre Miller, Jenny Feeling, Joel Charvier, Lucie Doll, Maria Catala, redhead, Michel de Nyokynos, Pjotr Stanislas
Scene 5. Jean-Pierre Armand, Jenny Feeling, Mika Barthel
Scene 6. Jenny Feeling, Pjotr Stanislas

Alpha France DVD-rip, with shorter runtime (61 minutes) but much better image quality

Language: French, English ( 61 min. )

Language: English ( 75 min )


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