Les Monteuses (1977)

Alternate Titles
Emozioni Porno
Den Förtrollade Blockflöjten
Les Petites Salopes – Alpha France video title, 1 hr 22 mins
Die Zauberflöte

Danièle David as Dakatine, plays Marie, a servant
Erika Cool plays Annie Peules
Marie-Douce Sabes as Cindy, plays the young widow
Marlène Myller as Marlene Miller, plays Catherine, the cousin
Ray Prévet non-sex, plays Joël’s mother
Siegried Cellier as Sigrid Cellier, plays Claudine Lambert
Sophie Bulle plays Louison, a servant

Males –

Cyril Val plays Joël
Madou Sall (Mamadou Sall) plays the secretary, Joyce
Guy Bonnafoux plays Hugue de Grand-Mât, the uncle
Philippe Prévet, non-sex, plays Joël’s father
Jean Cherlian, non-sex, plays Paul
Jacques Couderc, non-sex, plays Dr. Barge
Gilbert Servien, non-sex, plays Monsieur Lambert
Gaston Meunier, non-sex, plays the lawyer

Language: French



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