Madam Satan (1974)

During a séance, a group of young curiosity seekers is transported directly to Hell, where they experience the pains and pleasures of the damned.

Director: Tom Gordon

Cast: no information available



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  1. Info:

    This movie is part of Alpha Blue Archive’s Satanic Sickies series.

    (description from ABA):
    The only thing Hotter Than Hell is what’s going on between the sheets of these sexual demons! Don’t get too hot or else you just might explode with eternal pain and delight!

    (from a review):
    Beginning with a delightfully lustful scene in Hell, Satan is enthroned wielding a sword receives a curious message that not as many souls are being damned, so he orders His two sons to ascend to earth to find out why this is so. While one is more committed to the duty, the other is rather comedically Lokian in countenance {rather like Little Nicky}, making for several humorous commentaries and situations. They seek to corrupt as many maidens as they can, but it seems that time and time again they are met with salacious women where the question of who is seducing who is contemplated.

    Manifesting in demonic attire, they appear to a couple of salacious female roommates, concluding in a foursome; a stoner girl, a succulent virgin {wherein she is seduced after consuming a bubbling elixer made by ‘dad’}, and a desperate brunette secretary, moving from an office desk to a rocking horse, where among other pleasing acts, perform “arabian style” intercourse.

    Upon descending back to Hell to report with the secretary who subsequently expresses her wish to be a part of the plan to “corrupt all mankind”, their passion unabated, continue their activities under the approving and enthusiastic gaze of Satan, wherein he also takes his pleasure after uttering the “Invocation Employed for The Conjuration of Lust” from The Satanic Bible!

    Cast (all obviously fake, but humorous names): Jane Fondler, Elizabeth Tail, Racquel Belch, Fanny Fiddler, Lotta Goodbody, Paul Dodge, Englebert Humpsalot, Ronald Regalass,

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