Moving In (1986)


Moving In…Ganz Tief Drin


Lili Marlene [Anal IR]
Nina Hartley
Stacey Donovan [IR]

F.M. Bradley
Mike Horner
Ron Jeremy

Scene Breakdown:

Scene 1. Lili Marlene, Ron Jeremy
Scene 2. Stacey Donovan, F.M. Bradley
Scene 3. Stacey Donovan, Keisha, Lili Marlene, Mike Horner
Scene 4. Nina Hartley, Ron Jeremy
Scene 5. Stacey Donovan, F.M. Bradley, Lili Marlene
Scene 6. F.M. Bradley, Lili Marlene
Scene 7. Stacey Donovan, Ron Jeremy

There goes the neighborhood! Chuck and Sonia Rollins (Ron Jeremy and Stacey Donovan) have new neighbors, the outrageous interracial couple (Lili Marlene and F.M. Bradley) who introduce them to suburbia swinging! From wife swapping, a 4-way orgy to a gift-wrapped Nina Hartley this “normal” couple doesn’t know what hit them




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