Hungry Young Women (1977)


* The Intruders [Original Title] (1974)
* Let Us Play Sex
* Fait Acompli [USA video title]
* Inkräktarna [Swedish video title]
* Swedish Sex Games [International English title]
* Nauti Minusta [Finland]
* Paihnidia tou Erota [Greece]
* Parties Carrées France (dubbed version)

Starring :
* Anita Ericsson
* * (as Anita Eriksson in some versions) … plays Ulla, the nymphomaniac maid
* Evelyne Scott
* * (as Evelyne Deher in some versions)… plays Lisa, Simon’s secretary
* Gilda Arancio … plays Paula, the intruder
* Jacqueline Laurent … plays Helen Delaney
* Börje Nyberg … plays Simon Delaney
* Stellan Skarsgård … plays Peter Delaney, the son
* Chris Chittell … plays Richard, the intruder
* Jim Steffe … plays Hans, the chauffeur
* Bert Bellman … plays Philip, the butler
* Torgny Wickman … plays a radio journalist

Description :
Richard (Chris Chittell) discovers, by chance, that the wife of an atomic scientist (Jacqueline Laurent) has had an affair, and that their son (Stellan Skarsgård) was driving a car drunk ,and without a drivers licence. Since Richard is a person with a devilish mind, he shows up at the scientist’s (Börje Nyberg) home with his girlfriend (Gilda Arancio), whom he presents as his sister, and sets in using his ‘weapons’ to pressure every person in the house, he gets all the sex he wants, until everybody is changing partners with everyone else.



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