Vibrations Sexuells (1976)


Sensual Vibrations
Vibrations sensuelles
Vibrazione sessuale

Production year: 1977
Country: France
Genre: Feature, Straight, Classic
Duration: 00:42:23

Directed by: Jean Rollin as Michel Gentil
Studio: Alpha France

Brigitte Lahaie
Catherine Castel
Elysabeth Blin
Emmanuelle Rivière uncredited
Maude Carolle
Miriam Wateau
Rachel Mhas

Description: Alban has a problem and that’s why he’s on his psychiatrist’s (B. Lahaie) couch. He somehow doesn’t feel anything anymore during sex. Mentally, nothing is moving up in his grey matter, says Alban. She recommends total sex-therapy with four women. To no avail. But, thinks the cheeky Freud-scholar, Alban would be quite the catch. Wedding in Paris, drawing chalk hearts on walls, and all is well: Soul, mind and flesh are harmonically rejoined.




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