A Man for Emmanuelle (1969)

Alternative Title:
Io, Emmanuelle

Year: 1969
Country: Italy
Genre: Feature, Erotic
Quality: DVDRip
Language: Original

Director: Cesare Canevari
Studio: Rofima Cinematografica

Starring: Erika Blanc, Adolfo Celi, Paolo Ferrari
Description: Stunning Erika Blanc stars as Emmanuelle in this breakthrough film from director Cesare Canevari, which represents the first screen appearance of Emmanuelle Arsan’s “”Emmanuelle”” character. Having been left by her man, Emmanuelle seeks the affection she craves elsewhere. In the course of a day, she finds herself with a depraved writer, a businessman betrayed by his wife and an imbecile journalist. But by the end of the day, she learns that her man has been killed in a road accident, leaving her to meditate sorrowfully on her sordid actions.




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