Adventures of D.P. Boys 15: Hooter Country (1994)

The D.P. Boys are on a road trip and they’re crossed over into Hooter Country ! . Mammoth Mammaries abound, and the boys are doing their best to get a piece of every titanic tittie they see while still pumping these babes with some of the hottest D.P. action ever !.

These are the Adventures of the D.P. Boys in hooter country. Then tree women that they have picked must have really big tits and be able to handle getting DP’d. They will be interviewed and orally and physically tested. Tonya Storm comes by the pool with her DD’s. to meet Dave Hardman and Guy DiSilva. Then Dave and Rick Masters meet the next girl Brigitte Aime. They tell her to show them what she has in order to see if she gets the job. She strips off her dress and reveals her hot body, big tits and sweet ass. Then in scene three the previous women meet Chessie Moore who is next to be interviewed, but the ladies enjoy a lesbian threesome and use toys to prepare for her DP scene. The Chessie does her DP scene with Rick and Guy and they are very impressed with her gigantic boobs.

Cast :

Brigitte Aime
Katanya Blade … ( as Tanya Storm )
Guy Di Silva
Dave Hardman
Rick Masters
Chessie Moore




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