All American Girls 4: Heartthrobs (1985)

Heart Throbs (1985) AKA All American Girls 4: Heartthrobs

Caballero Home Video

G.W. Hunter


Tess Ferre (as Gabrielle Fabray) [Facial]
Gina Valentino [Facial]
Jade Nichols
Laurie Smith (as Lorri Smith)
Aurora (as Morgan Lane) [Facial]
Susan Hart (as Suzi Hart)


Blake Palmer
Greg Rome
Harry Reems
Miles Long
Ron Jeremy
Sasha Gabor

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Gina Valentino, Ron Jeremy
Scene 2. Jade Nichols, Susan Hart
Scene 3. Gina Valentino
Scene 4. Jade Nichols, Susan Hart, Ron Jeremy
Scene 5. Gina Valentino, Miles Long
Scene 6. Aurora, Ron Jeremy
Scene 7. Laurie Smith, Ron Jeremy
Scene 8. Raven, Sasha Gabor
Scene 9. Tess Ferre, Greg Rome
Scene 10. Tess Ferre, Harry Reems




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