All the Way (1980)

Year : 1980
Language : English

Directed by Drew Eden
Produced by Kim Finley

Starring :
* Cindy Bell
* Georgina Spelvin [IR]
* Sandra Stevens (as Lana Semil)
* Arri Gopen
* Dana Kahn
* Pharoah Amos (as Russ Strong)
* Guy Loma

All the Way is a classic film from the 80’s.
After his wife, played by the legendary Georgina Spelvin, interrupts his work at the typewriter, she and her novelist husband, Evertt, discuss his story and in so doing define their current situation and the conflicts it harbors.

“Our hero’s dedicated to take on a mistress and he’s trying to keep his wife from finding out, but he’s so busy lying to her he gets confused and starts imagining she has a lover, too.”

“Does he leave her?” she asks?

“Of course not, he loves her. he just feels she’s always trying to control him and it’s his way of getting even.”

And thus begins the tumultuous ride into the lives of two sex starved spouses who crave the bodies of everyone but each other until they reach the inevitable conclusion that each other is all they have.

* Scene 1. Cindy Bell, Arri Gopen
* Scene 2. Georgina Spelvin, Pharoah Amos
* Scene 3. Georgina Spelvin, Pharoah Amos
* Scene 4. Sandra Stevens, Arri Gopen, Dana Kahn
* Scene 5. Cindy Bell, Sandra Stevens



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