Ancient Asian Sex Secrets (1997)

Starring: Chloe, Kia, Kobe Tai, Lana Sands, Stephanie Swift, Jon Dough, Mark Davis, Steven St. Croix

Description: Kobe Tai holds the ancient sex secrets of the Tao. Steven St. Croix wishes she were holding something else. But in ancient Tao, Steven must retain his semen to become The Yellow Emperor! Can he resist Kobe? And Stephanie Swift? And Lana Sands? Simultaneously? Find out, as more than The Secrets are revealed…

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Kobe Tai, Mark Davis
  • Scene 2. Kia, Jon Dough
  • Scene 3. Chloe, Steven St. Croix
  • Scene 4. Kobe Tai, Stephanie Swift
  • Scene 5. Kobe Tai, Lana Sands, Stephanie Swift, Steven St. Croix



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