Arabian Nights (1993)


• Dior (as Christan De’Oar)
• Jenna Wells (as Kristall)
• Lacy Rose [Anal IR]
• Melanie Moore
• Porsche Lynn [Anal Facial DP Bald IR]
• Sierra


• Jonathan Morgan
• Julian St. Jox
• Sean Michaels
• Steven St. Croix
• NonSex Performers
• Jim Enright

Scene Breakdowns

• Scene 1. Dior, Jonathan Morgan
• Scene 2. Jenna Wells, Steven St. Croix
• Scene 3. Lacy Rose, Porsche Lynn, Sierra
• Scene 4. Lacy Rose, Sean Michaels
• Scene 5. Porsche Lynn, Julian St. Jox, Sean Michaels
• Scene 6. Melanie Moore, Sierra, Steven St. Croix

Description: Porsche Lynn Sizzles In A Tale Of Lust In The Dust. One in the hand is worth two in the sand. Come with us on an exotic adventure to the sands of the Middle East. A quest for a magic lamp has the whole town hoppin’ and humpin’. Right in the middle, literally, is the enticing Porsche Lynn providing a little desert hospitality in her first ever D.P.! Join the caravan, but dress light; the night is definitely heating up.



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