Bad Girls 9: Bust Out (1996)

Description: Vivid’s girls in prison epic continues, this time with Madelyn Knight and Dyanna Lauren, as two jailbirds shackled to each other in a nasty pen run by sadistic guards and hefty dykes. They escape, steal a car, ball a farmer, raid a chop shop and they just might persuade a judge to let them go because they crack a major stolen car ring. Unlikely? Perhaps. Horny? Definitely. Use a bun to go to jail.


Dyanna Lauren
Kelly Jean
Madelyn Night
Sophia Ferrari


Brian Surewood
Frank Towers
Michael Hurt
Mitchell Grant
Peter North
TT Boy

Director: Toni English

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Papillon, Sophia Ferrari, TT Boy
Scene 2. Dyanna Lauren, Madelyn Night, Michael Hurt
Scene 3. Kelly Jean, Mitchell Grant
Scene 4. Dyanna Lauren, Peter North
Scene 5. Madelyn Night, Brian Surewood, Frank Towers





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