Bad Luck For Bad Girls (1996)


Scene Breakdowns
1. Alex Dane, Alexis Payne
2. Alex Dane, Johnni Black, Yvonne
3. Johnni Black, Yvonne
4. Alexis Payne, Johnni Black, Yvonne
5. Alexis Payne, Johnni Black, Alex Dane
6. Alexis Payne, Alex Dane
7. Alexis Payne, Alex Dane, Johnni Black, Yvonne

In this day and age, most of the girls in the business are bad, which makes shooting a bondage movie lots of fun. Seeing them punished for their indiscretion is a real turn on. They need discipline and they get a full dose of it in this amazing and entertaining fetish-fueled foray into deviant habits and behavior!!



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