Behind The Green Door (1972)


Artie Mitchell (as Artie J. Mitchell)
Jim Mitchell (as James L. Mitchell)


Adrienne Mitchell [NonSex]
Angela Castle
Barbara Bryan
Barbara Parker
Bernice Mayo
Bunny Brody
Erin Lee
Jan Harmon
Kandi Johnson
Leticia Torrez
Linda Chapman
Lisa Grant
Marilyn Chambers [Facial IR]
Martha Strawberry
Mira Vane
Nancy Willson
Rabin Dranthra


Ariel Porny
Artie Mitchell (as Art Mitchell) [NonSex]
Barry Vane
Ben Davidson [NonSex]
Bill Hadley
Dale Meador (as Dale Meade) [NonSex]
Dana Fuller [NonSex]
George Marconi
George S. McDonald
Hadley V. Baxendale
Jim Mitchell (as James Mitchell) [NonSex]
Jon Martin (as Jerry Ross)
Johnnie Keyes
Kirt Harmon
Michael Gebe
Mike Bradford [NonSex]
Mick Jones (as Mike Jones)
Richard Coburn
Rick Dayton
Ted McKnight
Tyler Reynolds (as Theodore Horne)
Tom Kloud
Tony Royale [NonSex]
Yank Levine



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