Behind the Green Door 1 (1972)


Also Known As
Behind the Green Door

Artie Mitchell (as Artie J. Mitchell)
Jim Mitchell (as James L. Mitchell)

Adrienne Mitchell [NonSex]
Angela Castle
Barbara Bryan
Barbara Parker
Bernice Mayo
Bunny Brody
Erin Lee
Jan Harmon
Kandi Johnson
Leticia Torrez
Linda Chapman
Lisa Grant
Marilyn Chambers [Facial IR]
Martha Strawberry
Mira Vane
Nancy Willson
Rabin Dranthra

Ariel Porny
Artie Mitchell (as Art Mitchell) [NonSex]
Barry Vane
Ben Davidson [NonSex]
Bill Hadley
Dale Meador (as Dale Meade) [NonSex]
Dana Fuller [NonSex]
George Marconi
George S. McDonald
Hadley V. Baxendale
Jim Mitchell (as James Mitchell) [NonSex]
Jon Martin (as Jerry Ross)
Johnnie Keyes
Kirt Harmon
Michael Gebe
Mike Bradford [NonSex]
Mick Jones (as Mike Jones)
Richard Coburn
Rick Dayton
Ted McKnight
Tyler Reynolds (as Theodore Horne)
Tom Kloud
Tony Royale [NonSex]
Yank Levine

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Lisa Grant, Marilyn Chambers
  • Scene 2. Barbara Bryan, Barbara Parker, Bernice Mayo, Bunny Brody, Kandi Johnson, Marilyn Chambers, Rabin Dranthra
  • Scene 3. Marilyn Chambers, Johnnie Keyes
  • Scene 4. Marilyn Chambers, Ariel Porny, Mike Jones, Rick Dayton, Ted McKnight, Tyler Reynolds, Tom Kloud
  • Scene 5. Angela Castle, Erin Lee, girls, Jan Harmon, Kandi Johnson, Leticia Torrez, Linda Chapman, Martha Strawberry, Mira Vane, Nancy Willson, Barry Vane, George S. McDonald, guys, Jon Martin, Johnnie Keyes, Tony Royale, Yank Levine
  • Scene 6. Marilyn Chambers, George S. McDonald
  • Honor, 2005
    • AVN 500 Greatest Adult Films
    • AVN’s 10 Great Films of Adult’s So-Called Golden Age
  • X-Rated: The Greatest Adult Movies of All Time, 2015
    • Winner: One of the Greatest Adult Films of All Time



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