School For Sexual Arts (1975)


The School for Sexual Arts is a non-accredited institution for girls where nude male models are sketched and fucked. When “Dean Lipshitz” balks at this radical approach to art, one of the art students puts theory into practice on his deanish dick, and he becomes a convert.

When “Mr. Nagy,” the art teacher, asks a young C.J. LAING what she thinks of his theory of space and light, she cuts him short with her own theory of cocksucking. In the final orgy, Mr. Nagy sits amid the strenuously fucking collection of student bodies strumming on a guitar and singing a folk-rock song. Ars Gloria Artis!


* C.J. Laing
* Candy Love
* Julia Sorel


* Alan Marlow
* Ashley Moore
* Russ Carlson
* Tony Richards

Scene Breakdowns
* Scene 1. Julia Sorel, Ashley Moore
* Scene 2. Candy Love, guy, Tony Richards
* Scene 3. C.J. Laing, girl, Alan Marlow
* Scene 4. brun, C.J. Laing, Russ Carlson
* Scene 5. C.J. Laing, Candy Love, girl, Julia Sorel, Alan Marlow, Ashley Moore, guy, Russ Carlson, Tony Richards



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