Blutjunge Liebesschülerinnen (1981)

Year: 1981
Country : German
Genre : Classic, Hardcore
Length: 1:18:18
Directed by : Jean-Marie Durand
Studio : Mike Hunter

Starring : Brigitte Verbecq, Dominique Saint Claire, Ingrid Lovin, Pascale Vital, Alban Ceray, Gil Lagardère

Description : George and Juliette are on holiday. She behaves outrageously – walking up the steps of the hotel in her undies (after the first example of a running slapstick gag where her dress gets caught in the car door), exposing her breasts to the waiter and blowing him a kiss. Brigitte Verbecq, George’s wife, is a lawyer and we first see her in her gown of office sitting at her desk being pleasured by Gil, a criminal, presumably a client. Then she turns up at the hotel – and her dress gets caught in the lift door. The waiter is turned on by what he sees at the hotel and has sex with the maid and every woman – Brigitte, the maid, a guest (Pascale Vital) seems to throw herself at Alban, except Dominique.



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