Bodies in Heat 2 (1989)

Bodies in Heat: The Sequel
Have you ever watched those nature shows or movies that depict animals in heat? Outside of any life-threatening predator, there isn’t much that will prevent a male from copulating with the female of his choice – or any female for that matter. Well, as much as I hate to be the bearer of bad news, we humans are animals. In reality, unfortunately (if you ask most males), due to the adherence of certain social graces and a general sense of respect for our fellow (wo)man, human beings cannot mate with the same ferocity with which these animals hunt down their “prey.” Unless, of course, they’re in a movie….


Annette Haven [LezOnly]
Carol Cummings
Charli St. Cyr
Renee Morgan
Sharon Kane


Billy Dee
Eric Edwards
Hershel Savage [NonSex]
Jerry Butler
Joey Silvera
Mike Horner
Robert Bullock

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Renee Morgan, Sharon Kane, Robert Bullock
Scene 2. Sharon Kane, Mike Horner
Scene 3. Charli St. Cyr, Jerry Butler
Scene 4. Carol Cummings, Joey Silvera
Scene 5. Renee Morgan, Billy Dee
Scene 6. Annette Haven, Sharon Kane
Scene 7. Sharon Kane, Eric Edwards



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