Heisse Höschen (1982)

aka Sweet Sexy Slips

Cathy Ménard uncredited, (non-sex) at wedding ceremony
Cathy Stewart as Kathy Greiner, plays a model, non-sex
Claire Lenoir as Aurore Legay, plays one of Lisa’s maids
Claudine Aubert
Claudine Gauthier as Claudine Gautier
Dominique Saint Claire as Patricia Charron, plays a model
Emmanuelle Parèze uncredited, fleeting appearance in bar
France Lomay plays Lisa
Guia Lauri Filzi as Guia Lauri
Ingrid Blandow
Isabelle Brell
Marianne Aubert uncredited, archive footage, brief
Mika Barthel uncredited, archive footage, brief
Nadine Scant as Nadine Pascal, plays a barmaid, non-sex
Nicole Segaud as Helene Shierly
Sarah B archive footage
Somchit Traymany as Som Shit, plays Alban’s ‘massuese’
Ursula Gaussmann as?
Uschi Karnat plays Minouche
XNK0531 girl at airport (non-sex, probably uncredited)
XNK0532 one of Lisa’s maids
XNK0535 lingerie model, non-sex
XNK0536 lingerie model, non-sex
XNK0537 lingerie model, non-sex
XNK0538 lingerie model, non-sex





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