Breast Worx 4 (1991)

Year: 1991
Country: USA
Genre: All Sex
Duration: 1:18:35
Language English

Directed by: Bobby Hollander
Studio: L.B.O. Entertainment

Starring: Actresses:
Alicyn Sterling
Kim Kelly

Description: Director Bobby Hollander has proven himself to be the “King of Sleaze and Tease”, and with his new line of big tit tapes, he is proving himself to be a producer of high quality videos that fans of large-breasted women will love . Each tape contains several non-linked skits where cute plots are used to initiate the action. There is quite a bit of erotic hardcore action throughout, and a super heavy load of tit play strategically melded into each scene. “Big Tit Men” will delight in the fact that all of the women presented are beautiful to view in action and are genuine big titters. There is also quite a bit of tease sprinkled throughout to keep the viewer’s blood at the boiling point. The best sequence in Vol. 4, the hottest sequence features Alicyn Sterling making it with Elvis. Both of these volumes in the Breast Worx series are packaged nicely and will please any fan of big titted women!





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