Breast Worx 9 (1991)

Starring: Alexis Gold, Fabulous Fawn, Goldie, Cal, Gino, Tanner

Description: If you’re anything like Bobby Hollander, you like big tits! The bigger the better! Volume Nine of Breast Worx unleashes a few of the finest pairs for your amusement, amazement, and titillation. Try these on for size… There’s nothing like a mouthful of breast to get the day off to a rousing start. Cal is having one of the best days ever with Fabulous Fawn’s tits in the driver’s seat. Goldie has Chi-Chi’s the size of Tanner’s head… they assume the 69th position and face the issues directly. Gino finds there ain’t nothing like a Mr. Peepers t-shirt to get him on the business end of a pair of mammoth hooters and into the bedroom. Alexis can’t wait to get naked and nasty after seeing the Peeper-shirt. The action is so hot and heavy that (not-so-innocent) bystander, Tanner, feels compelled to get in a few strokes himself. This is big tit video in the finest tradition!



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