Business Ass (1997)

Actresses: Mercedes as Susanna,Szilvia Stena, Tünde, Maria, Anita

Actors: Mike Foster Zoltan, Kabai, Laszlo, Ralf Möller, Nick Lang as Atilla, Leslie Taylor, Frank Gun, Andrew Youngman

Scene 1 – Mercedes, Zoltan Kabai
Scene 2 – Szilvia Stena, Mike Foster
Scene 3 – brunette , guy, Rene Bar
Scene 4 – Szilvia Stena [GB], Leslie Taylor, Andrew Youngman, Frank Gun, Nick Lang
Scene 5 – blonde (Tima lookalike), Zoltan Kabai (in the bathroom)
Scene 6 – Mercedes, brunette [lez first], Mike Foster

Scene 4 + 5 + 6 are intercut

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