Cadillac Ficker (1993)


Cadillac Ficker (aka Black Gold) (1993)

Actresses: Tina Tango, Nena, Nancy Pride, Susanne Nast a.o.
Actors: Ralf Dormann, Alex Gold, Backey Jakic, Black Jack a.o.

scene breakdowns
Scene 1 Tina Tango, + 1 girl, Backey Jackic, Ralf Dormann
Scene 2 – Nena, Alex Gold
Scene 3 – girl from scene 1, guy
Scene 4 – Nancy Pride, Susanne Nast [lez first] before Ralf Dormann joins in having a threesome
Scene 5 – Tina Tango, Backey Jakic, Black Jack
Scene 6 – Tina Tina Tango, Nena, Ralf Dorman, Alex Gold + 2 more fuckorgy at the poolbar

scene 2 + 3 are intercut
After a hot orgy in the luxurious limo, the heated couples end up in the mansion of a wealthy pervert. Although the girls may have had an idea about what was coming, they could have never expect it that way, not and extreme fuck like that…



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