Cagney And Stacey (1986)


Starring: Erica Boyer, Stacey Donovan, Patti Petite, Kelli Richards, Sharon Mitchell, Randy West, Sasha Gabor, Steve Powers.

The fun begins when a jewelry salesman reports a large number of diamonds have been stolen in spite of his alarms. Foxy female cops Cagney and Stacey are assigned to investigate the robbery, and you can bet that they’ve got some torrid tricks up their sleeves — and down their skirts! These bawdy gals in blue use every erotic trick at their disposal to get to the bottom of the case — while letting a few swarthy studs get to their own luscious bottoms. Finally, some policewomen who know what do do with a nightstick! Will the scrumptious sirens get their man? Or will they find themselves too busy with other erotic concerns? Come down to the most passionate precinct in town and find out for yourself!



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