Captive (1996)


Is she a captive or a diplomat? And why the unrelenting interrogation? What is she supposed to know–and why? Why is there a lewd striptease going on at her door? And if it’s a jail, why is there no warden? And where do the two-way mirrors lead anyway? Believe nothing. Trust no one. And watch the pretty girls go by. Welcome to a place called Captive. Where madness and Madelyn meet.

Toni English

Caressa Savage
Emily Hill
Kelly Jean
Madelyn Night
Sophia Ferrari

Brian Surewood (as Brian Sherwood)
Dave Hardman
Jon Dough

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Emily Hill, Sophia Ferrari, Brian Surewood, Dave Hardman
Scene 2. Caressa Savage, Madelyn Night
Scene 3. Ruby, Jon Dough
Scene 4. Kelly Jean, Jon Dough
Scene 5. Kelly Jean, Madelyn Night, Ruby, Brian Surewood, Dave Hardman



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