Coffee And Cream (1985)


Jack Genero


* Pamela Jennings (as Pam Jennings) [BJOnly Facial]
* Sheri St. Clair (as Sheri St. Claire) [Facial]
* Summer Rose [BJOnly Facial IR]
* Je T’Aime (as Tracy Austin) [IR]


* Craig Roberts
* Jack Baker
* Marc Wallice

Scene Breakdowns

* Scene 1. Craig Roberts, Pamela Jennings
* Scene 2. Marc Wallice, Sheri St. Clair
* Scene 3. Craig Roberts, Je T’Aime
* Scene 4. Craig Roberts, Marc Wallice, Sheri St. Clair
* Scene 5. Jack Baker, Summer Rose
* Scene 6. Jack Baker, Je T’Aime

This tasty and aromatic blend of red-hot sex and wanton carnal revenge revolves around a passionate poker game in which everyone’s a player. Things take a turn for the tawdry when one of the guys gets caught cheating. His clever poker buddies decide to get even in the sexiest way they can think of – by seducing his delectable young wife. The partner swapping salaciousness gets hotter and hotter as everyone starts double and tripling dealing one another. In the end, everyone gets what’s exactly coming to them – namely, lots of fiery, frantic and feverish sex! So pull your chair up to the table and toss your antes in the pot – this is one pulse-pounding poker match you won’t want to be dealt out of!



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