College Girls (1968)

Year: 1968
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy, Erotic
Language: Original

Director: Stephen C. Apostolof
Studio: A.F.P.I. Productions

Starring: Forman Shane, Marsha Jordan, Gee Gentell, Linda Stiles, Ron Negri, Dianna Rosano, Randy Lee, Samantha Scott, Julia Blackburn, Ray Cyr, Michelle Rodan, Moose Howard, Sandy Solee, Tim Diamond
Description: A bunch of sorority sisters from “LSD University” go out “looking for kicks” and get it on in a variety of ways. One chick offers up her body to her grey haired professor in order to get a passing mark. Another gal gets off on watching her best friend ball a smooth talking frat boy then swapping places with her. (“C’mon girl, it’s the changing of the guard!”) Then the two nymphos double team a young pledge to “initiate” him into the fraternity. It all culminates in a pill popping party in which even more people get naked and have sex.



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