Cool It, Baby (1967)

Year: 1967
Country: USA
Genre: Nudity, Erotic
Language: Original

Director: Lou Campa
Studio: Cam-Scope Pictures

Starring: Beverly Baum, Joseph Marzano, Christine Cybelle, Bhob Stewart, Jack Price, Bob James, Barbara Ellen, Anita Fisher, Yolanda Signorelli, Hal Wall, Walter E. Sear, Louis LaPonzina, Paul James, Susan Charge, Marilyn Pulaski, James Lodato, Fred Nelson
Description: A sleazy couple tricks young, gullible women into making “smut” movies, then blackmails them into becoming members of their sex club.
“We didn’t rob anybody, we didn’t kill anybody; we gave people what they wanted!”
So rationalizes Herman, the chubby pawn of the domineering Mistress Monica as they’re both seated at the mercy of a district attorney, hell bent on nailing them for their crimes (or is he…?). Together, Herman and his controlling dominatrix have been involved in shady goings-on … meeting weak women and promising them a career in the movies but instead filling them full of booze and filming them for their own smutty profit.
There isn’t much to get excited about in this cheap sexploitation offering. It’s humorous some of the time at least, with some funny dialogue (some of it narrated) that often sounds like it’s being made up as it goes along, and the usual “whatever they could find” locations and sets (you’ve got to see what passes for a courtroom!).



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