Couples Complices (1977)


Danièle Troeger plays Erica
Elysabeth Blin uncredited
Emmanuelle Parèze as Danièle Delaude (in some versions), plays Madame Libert
Liliane Lemieuvre plays Elisabeth
Marie-Christine Chireix plays Marie-Christine
Marie-Line Chanaud
Martine Grimaud non-sex, plays the maid
Maude Carolle as Aude le Cocq, plays the secretary
Siegried Cellier plays Chantal Lesure

Males –

André Chazel (simulated sex) plays Monsieur Libert, the boss
Thierry de Brem plays Jacques Lesure
Alban Ceray plays the chauffeur
Richard Allan (Richard Lemieuvre)
Guy Royer (in orgy scene)



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