Cuntrol (1994)

aka Control

Jim Enright

* Bunny Bleu
* Jasper
* Juli Ashton
* Melanie Moore
* Misty Rain
* Missy (as Natasha Marie)
* Norma Jeane
* Sylvia Ryder
* Tiffany Mynx

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Melanie Moore, Misty Rain
* Scene 2. Missy, Tiffany Mynx
* Scene 3. Jasper, Melanie Moore
* Scene 4. Juli Ashton, Misty Rain, Norma Jeane
* Scene 5. Bunny Bleu, Sylvia Ryder
* Scene 6. Melanie Moore, Tiffany Mynx

Laura, a corporate executive, is power hungry, a control freak and an active feminist. Laura’s girlfriend Monica, breaks up with her because she is more interested in her career than their releationship. Someone anonymously sends Laura a gift box full of everything a woman would need to become a man right down to the strap-on dildo. A note with the gift states that if Laura wants to be a man she should try to be one now. Laura tries the costume out at a bar and succeeds. These anonymous notes keep coming as Laura turns into a man and finally goes over the edge. It all leads to a surprise ending when we find out who has been sending the notes.



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