Das Sex-Taxi (1981)


German version of ” Chiamate 6969, taxi per signora ” (original Italian title)

Credited cast:
Enzo Andronico -Enzo Andronico
Marina Hedman Marina Hedman … Barbara (as Marina Frajese)
Guia Lauri Filzi Guia Lauri Filzi … (as Guia Lauri)
Marcella Petrelli Marcella Petrelli … (as Marcella Petry)
Mark Shannon Mark Shannon … (as Mark Shanon)
Nino Terzo -Nino Terzo
Aldo Ralli -Aldo Ralli
Pauline Teutscher- Pauline Teutscher
Giulio Milella -Giulio Milella
Mary Botle -Mary Botle
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Anna Gladysek -Anna Gladysek … (as Anna Garek)
John Harrison- John Harrison
Rick Miller- Rick Miller
Marianne- Rémont Marianne Rémont




3 thoughts on “Das Sex-Taxi (1981)”

  1. Not mentioned in the description:
    Hardcore scenes have been reinserted (editing is outstanding) from other sources.
    Quality of these scenes is better than the rest of the movie.
    Spoiler alert: if you don’t like “bi”, skip the requisite orgy scene at the end.

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