Der Mann aus dem Wald (1996)

Actresses: Fanny Steel (as Monique), Kim McDowell,
Lolita Slater (as Leila Smith), Riviera, Mandy (as Cher), Katja Kir
Actrors: Franco Roccaforte, Keith Cooper, Titus Steel, Christoph Shane, Chris Charming, Klaus aka Samson Zodiac (as Tom Civic), John Staring [non sex]

scene breakdowns
Scene 0 – Fanny Steel [naked teasing], Titus Steel
Scene 1 – Cherelle, Titus Steel, Chris Charming, guy
Scene 2 – Katja Kir [DP], Fanny Steel, Klaus (Bayern-Express), Franco Roccaforte [non-sex]
Scene 3 – Kimberly, Chris Charming
Scene 4 – Mandy, Franco Roccaforte
Scene 5 – Lolita Slater, Franco Roccaforte
The movie “Der Mann Aus dem Wald” (Cat.No. JT25P001) was released by JTP in 1996. There is some visible tape deterioration once in a while. Shot on location at Halterner Stausee (Haltern / GER). German language.





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